Support legal services innovation for people of modest means

The Commons Law Center is a first-of-its-kind program in Oregon that is building market based solutions for providing legal advice to people of modest means who don’t qualify for legal aid but are still priced out of the traditional legal services market. At the same time we are harnessing technology and modern business practices to build new models for delivering legal services at scale, while providing employment opportunities and practical skills training to new lawyers.

We are raising a charitable seed fund to support the hiring of our first fellows who will provide sliding scale family law services, startup advice to community-based entrepreneurs and nonprofits, and estate planning services for clients of modest means whose beneficiaries might otherwise rely solely on public assistance. We’re already helping dozens of people in these areas—people whose stories you can read about below—but we need your help to scale our impact and broaden our scope of services.

Will you join us to innovate & expand legal services?

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The seed fund for lift off only happens once. One billable hour from 300 lawyers raises it all. Yes, we are a 501(c)(3). 

Sponsorship packages are available for law firms and businesses. Select a donation level to learn about benefits. 

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host a CLE

Reserve your conference room for our one-credit Access to Justice CLE, over coffee, brownbag lunch, or happy hour. 

Learn about the role macro-economics and implicit bias play in the access gap, and emerging trends to address it. 

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What our clients say

Our clients have said a lot of nice things to us. You can see our five-star Google review and read some of what our clients think here and here.  

Thank you to all the people, businesses, and law firms that already made a gift to support our launch!

$25,000 * Catalyst Law, LLC * $5000 * Bonnie Serkin * $2500 * Susan Alterman * $2000 * Kafoury McDougal

$1000 * Heiling Dwyer & Associates, Klarquist Sparkman, Lane Powell, Pickett Dummigan Mccall, Terry Scannel

$500 * Albina Community Bank, Agile Attorney Network, Beneficial State Bank, Bodyfelt Mount * Business for a Better Portland, D'Amore Law Group, P.C., Farleigh Wada Witt, Robert & Heidi Klonoff, Miller Nash Gratham & Dunn, Riverview Trust Company, STOLL BERNE, U.S. Bank, Greg Zeuthen

$250 * Ball Janik, Garvey Schubert Barer, STEVE GOEBEL, Gevurtz Menashe, Jones & Roth, Lee Davis Kell, Mascal Law Office, Niehaus Properties, Northwest Corporate Law, Perkins Accounting, Stewart Sokol & Larkin, Law Office of Jonathan Mishkin, P.C.